Minggu, 15 Mei 2011


Jesus Christ is the most precious person in my life.
One thing I said to God are:
-Do not ever make my life you lose intimacy with God.
-I do not want to lose the intimacy in the midst of challenges and problems of this life.
-I do not want to lose the intimacy in the midst of worldly blessings.
-I said to the Lord, for I still love to let my love to you and continue to simmer in my life.
-I said do not let me fall in love with anyone else in this world, in addition to You Jesus.
-I love my wife, I love my children but my first love, I just give it to my Lord.
-I hope there are many people who understand how sweet He is, how amazingly wonderful She and He.
If I want to talk intimacy, sometimes I walk and he explained about many things, many things I can dialogue.
Brother She's more than a friend, He can talk the things that will come and things that last.
He embraced with a love that I can not tell.
The world is needed His love, out there exist billion people who need the love of the Lord Jesus.
I love Jesus, I want always attached to you (I do not want away from you)

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